We are hiring for the following position:

Media Director/Content Creation Intern


•Experience with marketing, media and business

•Proficient with social media applications such as instagram and tiktok

•Enthusiastic about design and aesthetics of marketing

•Familiar with SEO basics and web design


•Work from home opportunity

•Test and sample products, manage social media accounts

•Work closely with CEO to strategize marketing plans, edit promotional marketing material and promotions.

Valuable experience

•Laid back, flexible work expectations and environment

•Learn the basics of business, candle making and website design

•Paid hourly work if assisting with events

•Potential for paid position in near future as we grow

•Applicant is preferably located in the DC/MD area, college age with major in marketing, business or design

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Social Media

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  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
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More Information

Please do not hesitate to reach out! This is a very casual opportunity for experience that is meant to be fun! I love being creative and would be happy to teach, grow and write a glowing recommendation in your future for upcoming endeavors.

-Meredith, CEO & Founder

We are stocked in local shops and often about the area working with other local businesses.

You can find these locations under the STOCKIST tab and MARKETS tab.

You would not be expected to travel. Paid time opportunities will be available if you wanted to assist at markets.


My Business Hours

T-F 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

Sat-Mon 9:00 am- 6:00 pm

Website Hours


Your Hours

You decide!