The Inspiration Behind: ARRIVALS Airport Code Collection

Pre-pandemic I was a traveling fiend. Working for a flexible company and still on my parents health insurance (miss it so much), I was able to save up whatever I could and take days off to just jet across the country without abandon. It was the first time I was making actual money, opposed to the biweekly $80 from working front desk at a gym for almost 5 years through school... It was a struggle but they let me study so fair is fair.

I got an actual adrenaline rush from opening my Southwest App and seeing what city I could get to on some crazy 5 am flight for less than $100. I traveled alone often, which obviously nearly killed my parents with stress and anxiety but aside from a few creepy dudes I came out pretty unscathed (Mental Note: I'll definitely write a blog about solo female travel safety). I think these experiences were imperative to my growth as an individual.

Las Vegas to Zion. Angels Landing Hike.

Boston, (dry) tailgating for a Stanley Cup Final Game 3.

Chicago, battling through an ear infection and migraine with my best friend to get to a Cubs Game, The Art Institute of Chicago, Navy Piers Ferris Wheel (even though she is terrified of heights), Willis Tower and arguable the best deep dish ever in one day.

NYC, NY solo on a megabus overnight from Baltimore to meet a friend I met on a National Park shuttle bus and then a doors off helicopter flight over the entire city.

The list goes on. I was wild and I am so grateful. But now I'm just tired and driving in cities stresses me the heck out.

I still have that travel bug, lust after summiting Mt Elbert in Colorado and would kill to kayak off the coast of Vancouver praying to encounter a curious killer whale underneath my boat. But I'd also love to get a dog, buy a house and grow a family. I don't want it to be a trade off by any means, but I needed to find a way to creatively scratch that itch as best as I could until then, especially after leaving my ultrasound job due to a work injury aka shredding my shoulder from overuse and a toxic healthcare workplace through the pandemic... blahblah (Mental Note 2: Write a blog about the 'fuck this' mentality and not ever feeling like you aren't the author of your own life).

So the ARRIVALS Collection was born. It started with Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix and Nashville with the fragrances Champagne, Cannabis, Cactus, and Bourbon respectively. A Spotify playlist was made for each, with a QR code on an information cardstock describing the reasoning behind the scent selected for each location. The playlists are badass, all the songs on each are by artists from that state, songs about the city or jams that fit the overall vibe. The candles come in beautiful luxury colored glass jars with crackling wooden wicks. I now how over 26 locations available online and more additions ever month.

ARRIVALS Airport Code candles make incredible gifts, homesick presents to yourself, or personal thinking-of-you momentos. I can customize any location you want, for free. We live in an incredible country with so much to offer and such a variety of experience within our borders. Where will you go next?

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